Community Calendar Details
Events must be of interest to, and open to, the general public and must be sponsored by a non-profit or community organization. The event must take place in Highland County.

Each underlined item on the calendar is a link to a larger description of the event.

The calendar is printable. Just click on the "Printable View" button on the bottom of the calendar.

Anyone can add an entry on behalf of their organization. Click on the "Add an Event" button at the bottom of the calendar.

Be sure to include the title, a full description of your event, including the location, and the times for your event. You may choose a color background for your event. If you are      familiar with HTML you may also add a hyperlink in the description field. Please do not add images to your event.

When you enter an event and click on "Save" the event is sent to the Highland County Public Library to be checked before posting to the public. This gives us the opportunity to make sure all relevant details are included. It's also a way for us to make sure it's a legitimate event. Your event should appear within minutes during the work day, and within 12-24 hours on the weekend.

If you have any questions, or problems with the calender, contact the librarian at